Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Marmalade Dresses - Autumn Winter 15 Collection

Marmalade are well known for their fabulous 1960's inspired dresses. Their Autumn Winter 15' collection is no different! Full of bright colours which is the perfect way to inject a pop of colour into your Winter wardrobe to liven up an outfit on a dreary day.

First established in 2001, Marmalade first started out as a boutique shop specialising in Vintage clothing. That same year Marmalade launched their own line of 1960's Mod inspired clothing. They have been thriving ever since, creating new stunning items every season.

Every piece of Marmalade's clothing is 1960's Mod inspired. They always contain bright colours, bold designs and distinctive Retro vibes. Conveying Vintage Sixties patterns in a thoroughly modern way, Marmalade dresses invoke a longing for Retro nostalgia in some and a daring and new look for others. The dresses cover both day time and evening wear and there is definitely the perfect Marmalade dress out there for anyone!

Check out the AW15 Marmalade Collection:

Marmalade striped 60s Winter coat. A bold and beautiful coat which is the perfect way to inject colour into your Autumn/Winter wardrobe!

Matching coat available.

Pre Order now: Stock expected 19th October.

Marmalade 60s centre striped dress. Contrasting graph print and block colour mini skirt it has all the qualities of the perfect 1960's Mod dress.

Pre Order now: Stock expected 19th October.

Marmalade 60s dogtooth Winter coat. Crafted with heavy weight virgin wool, it is the ideal coat to keep you warm this Autumn/Winter! Gorgeous dogtooth design throughout in red and cream.

Matching coat available.

Pre Order now: Stock expected 19th October.

Marmalade 60s colour band dress. Featuring Space Age style contrast colour bands in a luxurious stretch wool jersey. The perfect item for your Mod dress collection!

Pre Order now: Stock expected 19th October.

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Thursday, 24 September 2015

New Chunk Vintage Star Wars T-Shirts - Now at Atom Retro

Chunk Clothing have created some fab t-shirts in the past and now have creates more quirky t-shirts but with a Star Wars theme.

Chunk clothing is usually based on popular films, TV series or iconic subjects. Stylish t-shirts but with hilarious designs, there is a t-shirt for anyone. Whether you're a Star Wars fan, a Breaking Bad fan or a Jurassic Park fan you will find the tee perfect for you!

Chunk Clothing first launched in 2001 and have been thriving ever since. Chunk produce four collections each year, two in season graphic tee collections and two in fashion forward Bike Polo collection. With creating more and more unique and quirky designs over the years, they have managed to build up their company to be one of the most iconic t-shirts brands around.

A new range of Star Wars t-shirts are in now just in time to snap them up to wear to the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Perfect for Star Wars lovers world wide, these t-shirts contain some of Star Wars most iconic faces with a fantastic unique twist. Several designs include; Darth Vader, Yoda, Storm Troopers and Chewbacca!

Chunk Clothing in the past have focused on the Retro angle to the t-shirts with creating Vintage Star Wars comic strip tees. However Chunk have decided to take a humorous angle with their new collection which includes Star Wars iconic faces and put it out of context for humour. A great example is the selfie tee, which consists of Darth Vader and Storm troopers taking a selfie which has been a hype over the past few years. Whatever you're style, there will be a Chunk t-shirt out there for you!

Check out some of the Star Wars Chunk T-Shirts:

Ever wondered what Chewbacca looks like on a morning? This is probably it! 
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With a scene from Battle of Hoth from Star Wars Empire Strikes Back. Photo landscape imagery in one of the most iconic Star Wars figures. 
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Who knew Storm Troopers took holidays? Darth Vader must have been in a good mood to allow a storm trooper go snow boarding! Everyone needs a holiday, even if you work for the dark side! 
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Darth Vader and his Stormtrooper pals are getting down with the 'Selfie' craze. Here they are posing in front of the Eiffel Tower taking a snap on their galactic smart phone.
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Monday, 10 August 2015

Up&Atom - Issue 6 out now!

Issue 6 of Up&Atom is out now! Free with all orders of clothing and/or shoes (while stocks last)!
The fab new issue features:

  • 20 Years since The Britpop War - Let's decide it, once and for all - Oasis or Blur?! Win a fab FLY53 Britpop tee by telling us why either Oasis or Blur are the reigning Britpop Kings (
  • A Pint With... Drew Hipson: Kevin Stone chats with All Mod Icon editor, Drew Hipson. 
  • Who's Next? Being Pete Townshen with guitarist, Dante DiCarlo from Who's Next
  • Mama Roux: Win a signed copy of the Mama Roux debut EP
  • Ian Moore: Comedy, France and proper chutney stress with stand up, Ian Moore
  • 'Til It's Overtures: Interview with Den Pugsley of top 60s band, The Overtures
  • Ev'rything's Coming Up Dusty: A chat with Arabella Rodrigo, co-star in the new Dusty Springfield musical in the West End. 
  • The Magic Mod: Interview with the Mod-est Magician you'll ever meet! 
  • Plus: Gola Classics, Wrangler Jeans, Bass Weejuns, Traffic People and more! 
Want to get your mitts on a copy? Simply place an order at www.atomretro.comUp&Atom is free with all orders of clothing and/or shoes, until stocks run out. (Some of the articles will also be featured on the Up&Atom blog - right here!)

Friday, 31 July 2015

Preview: Mademoiselle Yéyé Autumn & Winter 2015 collection

Mademoiselle Yéyé's new collection for Autumn and Winter started arriving at Atom Retro this week - look out for it online soon. In the meantime, here's a quick peek to whet your 60s fashion appetite!

Retro, Mod and Sixties Vintage inspired Dresses, Tops and Skirts by Mademoiselle Yéyé!

Monday, 6 July 2015

K-Swiss Trainers

K-Swiss are a iconic American foot wear company. They design and develop a range of athletic shoes and are very well known for their Tennis Court shoes. They began by creating Tennis shoes for worlds best tennis players in major championships and then moved onto to developing them to be worn casually.

K-Swiss's story all began when K-Swiss was funded by two Swiss brothers in 1966. Art and Ernie Brunner were entrepreneurs who moved to California to start their own footwear company which was a dream they both shared. The two brothers shared a love for skiing and this is where they got their inspiration. Leather skiing boots need to have tight fits that will support aggressive side-to-side movements, conveniently this is what tennis players need also. So they set off on their journey to create the first all-leather tennis shoes.

K-Swiss Classic were the first pair of shoes to be born. They have been successful for nearly 50 years and they have won numerous awards. They have been branded one of the most influential trainers of all time and they have powered some of the worlds best tennis players to major championships.

After making trainers for successful athletes K-Swiss moved on to creating trainers for fashion. Often companies create legendary trainers for sporting reasons and they tend to become a retro fashion statement and are worn casually and K-Swiss are no stranger of this! They have created several shoes that have a contemporary twist on the original court style trainer. These trainers have earned a place as one of the style icons of our generation. Check out a few of K-Swiss trainers that Atom Retro stock.

Belmont T K-Swiss Trainers:

Made out of canvas these trainers are a contemporary take on a classic court trainer. With signature branding and blue colour theme they are a perfect way to add an Indie vibe to any outfit.

Belmont SO K-Swiss Trainers:

Made out of leather these trainers are very alike the traditional tennis court style trainer. However with trainers include navy K-Swiss signature branding that contrasts upon the white leather to give them a fab Indie look.

Hoke K-Swiss Trainers:

Made out of leather these trainers are a very Indie take on the traditional court style trainer. In a black and white colour theme they are a great addition to a casual outfit. 

AdCourt K-Swiss Trainers:

Made out of suede these trainers are a contemporary Indie take on a traditional court trainer. With cushioned inners and suede fabric they make a very comfortable shoe.

K-Swiss can definitely be applauded from taking an idea from a hobby and turning it into a great successful company that have been responsible for helping tennis players win major championships. They still carry on creating trainers till this day but focus more on designing contemporary takes on classic court trainers.

Find these fab Retro K-Swiss trainers here!

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Dedicated Followers of Fashion: Warren Gold, Lord John of Carnaby Street

Lord John, Carnaby Street in 1967
Very sad to hear that Warren Gold, proprietor and founder of the legendary Lord John shop in Carnaby Street in the 1960s, has passed away. Here's an article and interview we did with Warren Gold for Issue 2 of Up&Atom magazine, originally published in December 2013.


The codswallop fashions of perverted peacocks!” - so one newspaper christened Carnaby Street in the 1960s.

Far from being ‘codswallop’, Carnaby Steet was revolutionising fashion. The sixties youth - tired of wearing clothes their dads or granddads might have liked - wanted something new, daring, colourful and different, and Carnaby Street did just that.

John Stephen’s His Clothes opened on Carnaby Street in 1957 and more followed. John Stephen had as many as eight shops on Carnaby Street alone, and they were joined by Irvine Seller’s Mates, Tom Salter’s Gear, Henry Moss and Harry Fox’s Lady Jane boutiques, and of course, Warren Gold’s Lord John.

One of the most iconic and enduring symbols of Carnaby Street is the world famous Lord John boutique. In the late Sixties it was painted with a huge psychedelic mural, making it one of the most photographed buildings in London at the time. Up&Atom sent Simon Parr, a 60s fashion enthusiast and sales exec for Gibson London menswear, to catch up with Lord John himself - Warren Gold.

Lord John opened it’s doors for the first time in 1964. Warren Gold and his brother, David had originally began trading on Petticoat Lane, but as Warren explained, the foundations for what became Lord John began long before then. ‘That really goes back many years,’ Warren told us. ‘David and I lived in Stamford hill, North West London. David was studying to be a master tailor which he achieved. My interest was more on the artistic side of the clothing industry and window displays and then I got involved in actually drawing and designing clothing. We complimented each other. My late father, Joseph known as Johnny Gold, was in the mens clothing business as well and I suppose it's in the genes. I knew nothing else.’

The move to Carnaby Street seemed inevitable. Carnaby Street had quickly become the fashion centre of the world. The Gold brothers opened two shops at 27-28 Great Marlborough Street, just off Carnaby Street and what would become the world famous Lord John boutique at 43 Carnaby Street.

Warren recalls it wasn’t an easy start. ‘David and I opened our first shop in Carnaby Street on February the 13th 1964. The rent was £3000 a year. We had to pay a quarters rent up front. We had a bit of money in the family, something like £700, but we didn't have enough to satisfy the landlords. We asked an uncle if he would lend us four or five hundred pounds, but he said, "No, I can't do that because my money is my business.” He was a money lender; a very wealthy man. We managed to overcome that and got the money. As the years went by, this same Uncle, Uncle Len his name was - a lovely man! He wanted to invest in our business when we had about 15 or 16 shops, and being very respectable, from a nice Jewish family, we politely told him to piss off!’

In the sixties, fashion designers became celebrities in their own right for the first time. Warren remembers a taste of this, ‘At times I used to sign customer’s receipts. They said, "Lord John would you please sign this?" and I'd say ‘With pleasure, yes’. They loved it!’
Up&Atom Issue 2, signed by Warren Gold, Lord John of Carnaby Street

Lord John catered for the new ‘mod’ look which was sweeping the nation in the mid sixties. The latest trends were stocked - whatever you might see on Ready Steady Go! that week, you could nip down to Lord John and buy it the next day. The shop was frequented by pop stars, from The Rolling Stones to The Beatles - and perhaps most famously, The Small Faces. ‘All the celebrities or many of them; The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Hermans Hermit, The Kinks, The Small Faces, The Animals and so on and so forth... the list is endless. [They] were customers and friends.’

Don Arden, manager of The Small Faces, paid the group ‘a wage of £20 a week each, along with accounts in clothes shops in Carnaby Street', in particular, Lord John. Warren remembers, ‘The Small Faces, their style, part of their success was giving away clothes. Their main office was in Carnaby Street, at number nine. Their manager was Don Arden. He was the father of Sharon Osbourne. The Small Faces used to come in every day and buy replacement clothes because over night, they'd given away their shirts and trousers to their fans! We loved it! Don Arden wasn't always happy because we were presenting him with the bill every day. Lovely business!’

Standing out from the crowd, and wearing something no one else was, became of paramount importance. The Small Faces promoter and co-manager, Tony Calder recalled, ‘I had a phone call from Lord John saying Ronnie Lane wanted to buy some shirts - all of them. We had a hundred delivered to the office... Ronnie couldn’t have someone else wearing the same shirt as him!’ 

John Lennon's Cape
Warren also counted John Lennon as a friend and customer. He told us a story about what was to be John Lennon’s last order from Lord John. ‘John Lennon ordered this cape [Pictured] which is in the office. Sadly he passed away, suddenly as we all know, and he never actually picked it up. I am planning when I've got a bit of time to donate it to the Victoria and Albert Museum. I’ve often been asked what value financially I'd put to it. I don't know is the answer, but I'd like the museum to have it.’ 

In 1967, the Gold brothers commissioned artists David Vaughan, Douglas Binder and Dudley Edwards to paint the famous psychedelic mural over the Lord John building at 43 Carnaby Street. Warren told us, ‘If you look at the photographs, the mural is ‘Lord John’ lettering. My brother David worked with the artists to create this, very cleverly and very beautifully. Sadly when I was in Carnaby Street a year or two ago the building has been painted yellow, so that's lost, which is very sad.’

By the end of the sixties, the Gold brothers had expanded to eight boutiques. This included a large five floor shop on Oxford Street, London, which came complete with VIP area for celebrities and pop stars to shop in private. There were eighteen franchises in Macy’s stores in America and more shops in continental Europe. During the seventies they expanded to 30 shops. However, the golden age of Carnaby Street itself appeared to be coming to a close. Strangely, the pedestrianisation of the street in 1973 seemed to spell the end for it as the centre of British fashion. As big names moved in, the independent boutiques closed or moved onto other things. 

Warren says, ‘I think that in the seventies there was less interest because there was nothing new. It wasn't until the latter parts, '78 onwards, that some excitement was created and some new talent came into the design studios and created some beautiful clothes.’

Still working in fashion and menswear retail today, the Gold brothers still run the family business. The Lord John shops were sold and became a public company and the Gold Brothers moved on to ‘Goldrange’, one of London’s very first outlet stores in Petticoat Lane, taking the Gold brothers full circle and back to where they’d begun in the early sixties. A radio jingle advertised the business as being in  ‘The Big Red Building in Petticoat Lane’ - and the name stuck.

‘The Big Red Building’ is now located in Golders Green, London, still selling menswear, and with Warren Gold still serving his customers. Warren told us, ‘The Big Red Building in Golders Green Road has been going 20 years as of last month. We sell discount men’s clothing, formal predominantly and carry a huge stock of mens suits in all fittings. We had as of last week over 4,000 garments in stock and can pride ourselves on being able to outfit virtually anyone.’ 
Warren Gold in 2013

Carnaby Street today is as much a tourist attraction as it is a shopping street. Every day visitors from all over the world come to see Carnaby Street, fashion’s most famous street and perhaps to shop in some of the renowned fashion names which are there today. From it’s glory days in the sixties, to the decline in the seventies, Carnaby Street is climbing again. Trendy fashion labels compete for a key location on the street still and in 2012 the Rolling Stones celebrated their 50th anniversary right in the heart of the street with their limited time only pop-up shop. 

Warren told us he still visits too. ‘I go there as often as I can which is usually two or three times a year,’ Warren tells us. ‘I've got eight grandchildren and three of the oldest boys, James, Robbie and Max; they are 14, 16 and 17 years of age; they love it. I often go up and down and drive them mad with some of my stories! I think it's great. It’s really expensive, but what isn't? It's hard to explain to people that didn't experience what I did how electrifying Carnaby Street and Kings Road was. People, retailers, wholesalers, celebrities, members of the public by the thousand, were coming to the street to buy any item, just as long as it had Carnaby Street on it.’

This article was originally published in Up&Atom Magazine, Issue 2, December 2013. 
Article by Lindsey Hagston. Interview conducted by Simon Parr. 
Thanks to Simon Parr & Warren Gold. 

Friday, 29 May 2015

The History Of The Polka Dot Trend

The Polka Dot trend on clothing started in the late nineteenth century, it has been popular throughout time, however it is seen to be cropping back up recently, a lot more within the fashion industry. Polka dot clothing is exploding back up onto the fashion scene!

In 1965 Bob Dylan wore a large print green polka dot shirt in the photo on the cover of his single 'Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues', this blew up the polka dot trend massively and caused more and more people to purchase and wear polka dot clothing.

Other famous artists can still be seen to wear the iconic polka dot shirt in present day. For example Miles Kane has sported the polka dot shirt in a black and white theme, this showing that the polka dot trend is still going strong and is still very influential when it comes to giving off bold fashion statements.

Ben Sherman has existed for 5 decades and is still going strong.  The Ben Sherman brand has been embraced by almost every youth culture or style movement for the last 5 decades, these ranging from the mods to the 2 tone and ska, right through to Brit pop. Ben Sherman is still worn in the current period by a vast majority of bands and style leaders and is still seen as a major fashion label within the mod culture.

Ben Sherman has followed in the sixties craze for polka dots, seeing its vastly growing popularity rising they have created some perfectly precise polka dot shirts. An example of these would be the two shirts shows on the right, They are both polka dot themed however both have different colours which could been seen to be worn for different occasions. Both of these shirts seem to be very formal and can give any look a smart finish with a mod and sixties inspired edge. 

The polka dot theme can be clearly seen to be bouncing its way back into the current era, its edgy and popular design has been used on many types of clothing for example; dresses, t-shirts, polo's and shirts etc, Its popularity has risen throughout time and has also been used on accessories for example; phone cases, bags, shoes etc. An increased amount of people have been wearing polka dot themed clothing and the demand for polka dot  themed items is forever increasing within popularity. 

Find these fab new Ben Sherman Polka Dot Shirts here.