Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Coming soon to Atom Retro, Pretty Green's Beatles collection! Each season Pretty Green designs a limited edition theme collection and as 2017 is the 50th anniversary of The Beatles' Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, the Summer of Love and All You Need Is Love, the timing for the Pretty Green Beatles collection is perfect.

Officially licenced by The Beatles and Apple Corps, the Pretty Green Beatles collection will include mens shirts, t-shirts, jackets, kaftan shirts and of course, a parka. Each piece in the range is inspired by or based on outfits and fashion worn by the Beatles, along with the music and artwork from the iconic Sgt Pepper's album.

Guaranteed to raise a smile, the Pretty Green x Beatles collection is also guaranteed to be in high demand - and very limited edition so don't miss out - sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know.

The collection will be available in Autumn 2017 at Atom Retro.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Where are you planning on spending your summer? (Should we have one this year!) Here's some fantastic outfit choices for wherever you are (...or maybe just where you want to be!)

Somewhere In A Field In Hampshire (Alright?)

Festival bound this summer? Whether you're going to Bestival, Download, Reading, Leeds, Latitude, Isle of Wight or the mother of them all, Glastonbury - this is your uniform! (And survival pack!) 

1. Rock and Roll Tee

- Rock and Roll T-Shirts are a must have at a music festival. We've selected a retro Levi's Tee, and you can sub for pretty much any band or music tee. 

2. Denim Shorts

- Another rock classic. Can't go wrong with the summer version of your fave pair of Levi's jeans. These are Levi's 511 shorts, meaning they are a modern slim cut. None of your baggy shorts here!

3. Bucket Hat

- Since The Stone Roses brought this to indie fashion in the 80s and 90s, a bucket hat has been an essential at any festival or gig. Great for when its hot and sunny too. This Pretty Green Camley Paisley bucket hat is a must-have. 

4. Retro 60s McGuinn Sunglasses

- Simply the coolest sunglasses this side of 1966. Madcap England's McGuinn Sunglasses in a Steve Marriott inspired purple will mean you'll be stopped every couple of minutes by someone asking, 'Where did you get those?!' 

5. Natty Trainers 

- Retro trainers are the footwear of choice. We've picked these Gola Harrier Trainers in a classic indie mod colour way and in leather so they will fair better in the muddy fields compared to their suede counterparts. 

6. Hooded Windbreaker 

- If you're going to an outdoor music festival, you must be prepared for rain! (It's practically guaranteed!) This lightweight retro overhead jacket from Fila Vintage is perfect for festivals with a half zip neck, drawstring hood and elasticated waist and cuffs - it'll keep you dry (ish!) while not being too heavy or big to lug around with you. 

Spendin' Summer Poolside 


Maybe you're maxing an' relaxing poolside this summer? Whether on the beach or by a swanky swimming pool in a resort hotel, take these essentials to keep your cool.

1. Retro T-Shirts

- Can never have too many retro tees, and it's as if Ben Sherman knew we'd be hangin' out poolside this summer with this fab retro guitar shaped pool tee. Summer mod style.

2. Wayfarer Sunglasses

- The Wayfarer is a style that looks good on everyone. Since Ray-Ban developed it's first Wayfarer back in 1956, the style has had many updates, twists and details added to it, but you can't go wrong with a classic Wayfarer look. These Ray-Ban New Wayfarer Sunglasses are perfect for summer. (In case you were wondering, the New Wayfarer differs from the classic Wayfarer Sunglasses by being slightly smaller and less angled than it's classic style brother).

3. Beach shoes

- These Lyle & Scott mesh plimsoles are perfect beach to evening wear. Mesh upper keeps your feet cool and comfy.

4. Swim Shorts

- Naturally if we're hanging out by the pool, you might like to take a dip! These retro 70s pool print swim shorts from Afield Clothing are perfect. Quick dry fabric too!

5. Bluetooth Speaker (Battery powered!) 

- Take your music wherever you go this summer with the GPO Retro Mini Westwood, a battery operated, mini bluetooth speaker which will give up to 5 hours of playback time when fully charged.S Stream music from your phone or MP3 player. Also available in black.

Shop this outfit here!

 Summer In The City

Can't escape the city this summer? Things can certainly hot up city centre in the summer months. Take these city essentials with you look smart and keep cool. 

1. Summer shirt 

- Short sleeve shirts can be as smart as a long sleeve these days. If you work in a more formal environment you might want to swap for a short sleeve oxford shirt, but if not, try this fab cheesecloth style woven gingham shirt from Farah Vintage? 

2. Tailored Shorts 

- Tailored chino shorts are smart enough for the office and will keep you cool on those hot and sweaty commutes. These Lyle & Scott cotton twill garment dyed shorts are perfect. 

3. Summer Pork Pie Hat 

- Add a mod touch to your summer in the city with a summer version of a Pork Pie hat. The Rico Pork Pie hat by Dasmarca is woven completely from paper! 

4. Mod Sunglasses 

- Sunglasses are always a must. You'll want to look your sharpest so try these new Hexagonal shaped blue flash lens Sunglasses from Ray-Ban. A contemporary, angular update on the classic round sunglasses. 

5. Basketweave Shoes

- Smart and summer ready, these Lacuzzo Italian style basketweave shoes are a full weave (not stamp!) Premium quality and finely crafted. Perfect smart shoes which stand out from the rest. 

6. Retro Backpack

- A backpack is an essential at any time of year. Eastpak bags are so confident in their rucksacks, they come with a 30 year guarantee. We've picked the Eastpak Out Of Office backpack which has a padded laptop or tablet sleeve and a fantastic 27 litre capacity.

Shop this outfit here!

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

If you have an invitation to a summer wedding or you’re planning your own nuptials, shopping for your outfit starts here at Atom Retro's Wedding Shop.

Wedding fashion is no longer the exclusive realm of the bride, these days grooms-to-be are just as keen to look and feel good on their big day. Forget hiring an ill-fitting suit, we no longer expect to see the male wedding party in standard back tuxes. Modern grooms and their groomsmen can find outfits that express their individuality, complement the bride, and fit the theme or colour scheme of the wedding.

We have a great range of vintage, retro and Mod womenswear and menswear from brands such as Gibson London, Ben Sherman and Collectif.

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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Part One: Let's Keep It Classic

What makes a mod suit mod?  One may argue that the mod suit is what defines the mod look, more so than parkas, gingham shirts and pique polos - after all, we're only wearing our parkas to keep the grease and oil from our scooters from staining our impeccable, smart and sharp mod suit.

The mod suit look emerged in the late 50s. The first mods - the modernists - defined as such for their love of modern jazz over traditional jazz (the mods vs. the trads) looked to their jazz heroes for style inspiration. Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, et al, were often pictured wearing sharply tailored suits. Couple this with the influence of Italian fashion and the mod suit was born.

So lets examine our classic mod suit;  the basics and the necessities. The elements which define a mod suit.

  1. Slim fit & Waisted Cut: The mod suit is a slim fit. As slim as you can stand it. The look does not allow for boxy jackets or baggy trousers. Your suit must be cut slim with darts to accentuate the waist. 
  2. Single Breasted: The classic mod suit is a single breast. This means one row of buttons, not two (which is double breasted). 
  3. 3 Button Fasten: Tradition dictates the jacket is high fastening with a three button fasten. However, we will usually wear it with only the top two fastened. 
  4. Narrow, notch lapels: Slim lapels are a must, typically with a notch (over a peak). This is the triangular cut out shape to the top of the lapel. Exact width is a matter of taste, but around a two inch width will see you through nicely. 
  5. Short length: This blazer isn't called the bumfreezer for nothing. Mod suit jackets are slightly on the short side. Nothing worse than a suit jacket which is too long. 
  6. Short-ish sleeve: The sleeve should also be on the slightly short side, although not so it is overly noticeable. This is so we can show off our shirt sleeve cuffs and our fancy cufflinks. 
  7. Ticket pocket: Another defining aspect of the mod suit. The ticket pocket is the smaller, third pocket usually found above the main pocket on the right hip of the suit jacket. A British tailoring tradition, we could write a completely separate article on the history of the ticket pocket, but for our purposes here, it adds that dandy mod heritage look. 
  8. Mohair and/or Tonic fabric:  Not all mohair fabrics are tonics and not all tonic look fabrics are mohair, but if we can have both, then why not? Mohair is the classic fabric used in a mod suit. Mods loved the lustrous, smooth look mohair wool gives a suit, making it immediately the mark of class and style. Tonik - the original and proper fabric - was developed by French fabric manufacturer Dormeuil, but the tonic look here refers to a two-tone, iridescent fabric which copied that look. (The original fabric was quite expensive, but the look can be achieved with other tonic fabrics). 

  9. Side vents: On the back of our mod suit jacket we find two side vents. This has also been written into mod lore that our classic mod suit shall feature side vents (twin slits at either side of the back of the jacket) and never a centre vent (a single slit in the middle of the back of the jacket at the bottom). The length of the vent is a matter of personal taste. The Who song (or High Numbers, as they were then) Zoot Suit contains the lyric, "I wear zoot suit jacket with side vents five inches long," so a lot of mods opt for that length, but anything in that region is fine. The vents purpose is to aid movement while wearing the suit. For a frame of reference, the vents on the suit jacket in the illustration are 7.25". 
  10. Tapered, slim leg Trousers: On to the trousers and as you might expect, the mod suit trousers are slim leg and usually tapered, meaning the are narrower at the bottom than the top, as opposed to straight. 
  11. Short-ish leg length: As with our jacket sleeves, we wear the trousers very slightly on the short side (but no half-masts, please!) This is so we can show off our stylish loafers, brogues or chelsea boots and maybe the snazzy socks we're wearing with them. Mod is all about detail and we need to show off that detail. 
  12. Narrow Ankle: The tapered mod suit trouser leg results in the narrow ankle. A traditional suit would have maybe 16" - 18" bottoms or wider, but the mod suit will have a narrow bottom. Again, it's personal preference as to how wide. 14" is a good ball park figure. 
  13. Pockets: Trouser pockets are a must, but how many and how they look is again down to taste. The mod suit pictured here has two front slanted side pockets which keep the shape and silhouette of the trouser nicely. Not pictured is also a single straight pocket with a button fasten on the back, but more about pockets in part two. 
  14. Narrow waistband: Also details down to preference and style, but the classic mod suit will feature a narrow waistband, equipped to hold a narrow width suit belt (but probably unsuitable for wider jeans belts). You shouldn't really have to wear a belt with your mod suit, but sometimes it's nice. 

This, I should stress, is only the basics of a mod suit - a starting point. Here are the rules of mod suit style, and now we have learned the rules, we can break them! Look out for part two coming soon...

The suit featured in this article is the Madcap England Mod Suit in Burgundy Mohair tonic. Find it here.