Tuesday, 18 December 2012

New Stock in at Atom Retro....
The Jag's are back....
Always number one on the footwear hit parade - primed for enhancing Mod attire and Retro Clothing, the amazing 'Jag' shoes are back and looking as fab as ever.
In a delectible selection of colours, there's black for the more refined look, blue-purple and vibrant red for those who dig the Psychedelic Sixties style.
From the midst of a smoke filled room, the 'Jag' appears, sharp in every way from Winklepicker toe to the striking laser cut detail - the very essence and epitome of Sixties Mod style. Taking the centre stage and hogging the spotlight, put some Madcap England Jag's on and the world is at your feet. Superb Indie style with an undeniable surge of Retro brilliance. 
As luxurious as the car, the fab Retro Jag shoes feature an awesome Psychedelic laser cut Sixties floral paisley pattern throughout the distinctive suede upper. 
Harbouring a succinct and debonair Dandy Mod flair to enrich the feet of any dapper spirit, the MADCAP ENGLAND 'Jag' shoes are sophisticated, stand out and perfect for all occasions.
Equipped with Retro block heel, slim laces and Sixties Mod Winklepicker toe, the 'Jag' Mens Shoes by Madcap England are finished with a cool and intricate laser cut Psychedelic Sixties floral paisley to liven up the immaculate suede upper.
In three fab colours. Take your pick from Black, Blue-Purple or red.... or all three if you don't want to be without...
Check these fab shoes out.... available online now! ... Exclusive to Atom Retro.                               'Jag' Winklepickers (Black)     'Jag' Winklepickers (Red)      'Jag' Winklepickers (Blue-Purple)

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Our 9th 'A-Z of Mod' winner is Ollie Smith from Coventry.

Ollie's mod inspiration:

To just list my mod inspirations would probably go on for several pages but I suppose that sums up what's so inspiring about the mod scene, there's such a broad range of inspiring figures, sounds, and fashion labels that it's hard not to be drawn into it. Whether it's 60s mod bands like The Kinks or The Action, or fashion icons like Michael Caine and Steve Mcqueen, there's no shortage of inspiration! It's not easy being an 18 year old mod stuck in 2012 but looking back at the style and sounds of the 60s gives me all the inspiration I need!


Monday, 19 November 2012

Our 8th 'A-Z of Mod' winner is Richard Turner from Lancaster. ]

Richard's mod inspiration:

Motown. Motown is probably the best record label in the world ever. It's hard to imagine a mod world without Motown. The Jam's 'Town Called Malice' (itself a Mod Musical Icon) could not have existed if 'You Can't Hurry Love' by Diana Ross & the Supremes didn't already. When you think that Smokey & the Miracles, the Temptations, the Isley Bros, the Four Tops, the Marvelletes, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and soooooo many others (Frank Wilson's 'Do I Love You'?!) were all on Motown, it's incredible. So they provided the perfect soundtrack. And they also wore amazing clothes, with great hair-styles!

Friday, 16 November 2012

Marching on, our 7th 'A-Z of Mod' winner is Kevin Balbach from Germany.

Kevin's mod inspiration:

My Mod inspiration was quite simple. A few years ago a friend of mine who had been a Mod for more than 20 years told me to buy the 'All Mod Cons' LP by The Jam. I did so and didn't really like it after the first listen. Then I put it on a second time and suddenly there it was - the feeling that this piece of music was outstanding. And that's what got me into the whole Mod scene.


Thursday, 15 November 2012

Our 6th winner of our 'A-Z of Mod' competition is Chris Ogden from Knaresborough.

Chris's mod inspiration:

I was into mod before I'd even heard of it.

The inspiration? A copy of My Generation from my father's vinyl collection. I can't ha
ve been older than 5 when I became fascinated with the cover. Who were these people? How bright is his ginger hair? Who wears a jacket made from a flag? What's inside those barrels? Look at that nose..

Later I played it on the dusty red record player stored under my sisters' bed - and I was in. I've never looked back. They're my band. My father and I refer to them as 'the lads'.

The 5th winner of our 'A - Z of Mod' competition was Dave Benach, from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Dave's mod inspiration:

As vividly as yesterday, I recall the exact moment.

Rural Southern Holland, 1981. I'm 8 years old, walking my typical w
alk to school. The grassy field, the small supermarket, the squat, depressing concrete blocks where I'll spend yet another 8 boring hours looming up ahead. I'm a good lad - wait for the lights, look both ways, cross the road. But wait... what... WHAT! is that on that junction box?!

Three letters, sprayed cavalierly and so rebelliously... Stark black on anonymous grey, three simple letters, welcoming me into the modern world. Three letters, one word: JAM.

Congrats Dave!


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Our 4th 'A-Z of Mod' winner is Lucy Knowles!

Lucy's Mod inspiration:

My Mod inspiration is The Beat girl. I absolutely adore the band and every one of their songs, and I find the logo is just a quintessentially Mod girl. I
do try to base my look on her, the bob haircut, miniskirts etc. Even if you don't know who the band are, if you see The Beat girl you can just tell that she's a sixties chick. She's my inspiration because that's what I want to achieve, I want people to look at me and just know I'm in love with all things Mod.

Congrats Lucy!

Our third winner in the 'A - Z of Mod' competition was Andrew Booth, from W. Yorks. He also sent us a pic of his fantastic E-Type which we are extremely jealous of!

Andrew's mod inspiration:

My MOD inspiration comes from years of dreaming
about '60s style icon, the E-type Jaguar. George Harrison had a record player fitted to his.

This year I realised my dream, and picked up a 1969 series two E-type in British Racing Green.

As you can see from my photo under the Dunlop bridge at Le Mans, my current style is more akin to Martin Freeman's dressing gown in HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy. I'd suggest that I'm one of the most in need of a copy 'The A to Z of MOD.' That and a suitable outfit from AtomRetro.

Congrats Andrew! 


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Our second 'A-Z of Mod' winner is Austin Mortimer from Chorley, Lancashire.

Austin's mod inspiration:

"Radio Caroline was a huge influence on me and my friends.

At High School me and my best friend would volunteer to do
chores so that we
could tune in on our transistor radio smuggled in!

Seeing the Small Faces at the Floral Hall in Southport was the best.

I’m 61 and am enjoying working as a Motown - Northern Soul D J "

Congrats, Austin! A copy of 'The A-Z of Mod' by Paolo Hewitt and Mark Baxter, published by Prestel Publishing, is on it's way to you!

Monday, 12 November 2012

Thanks to everyone who entered our 'A-Z of Mod' competition recently! We have 10 copies of the book to give away so we will be selecting 2 winners a day.

Our first winner in our 'A-Z of Mod' Comp was Callum Jeffrey from Belfast.

Callum's mod inspiration:

"My Mod inspiration was the Nine Below Zero 11+11 performance on the Young Ones t.v series. This was so exciting for me as I was only 11 or
12 . The song really stood out for me and is in my top 10 but the way they are dressed is amazing, they are all wearing sharp clothes, suits and ties etc but the one who stood out the most was the bass guitarist, he was wearing a red shirt, red trousers,black shoes and a grey blazer. My Dad also inspired as he showed me the episode and was a mod. "

Congrats Callum! The book's on the way to you!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Pepe Jeans - Pixie Each month we will post our buyer's top picks for looking good! The best selection of Retro, Mod and Vintage inspired fashions.


Pepe Jeans - Pixie Skinny Jeans
A new brand for Atom Retro this summer is classic denim brand, Pepe Jeans, and here's a true classic. Sixties Mod inspired figure hugging skinny jeans in indigo denim with a vintage distressed finish. Delicious and deliberate worn in pocket and hem edge detail. Retro skinny fit, regular waist and with a stunning back pocket embroidery. Pepe Jeans branded tab to waistband and embroidered detail t front right coin pocket. Vintage rivets detail and classic waistband with button fasten and zip fly. With this changeable weather this Summer, you can't go wrong with a classic pair of indie skinnies!
£84.99, waist sizes 26" - 32', in short or regular lengths. Buy Now.

John Smedley Kyla

John Smedley - Kyla Turtleneck
Perfect for a fifties vintage mod look is the turtleneck top 'Kyla' from John Smedley. In delicious 'pinotage' purple, which is going to be a trend colour for Autumn, so this top should have some longevity in it. Three quarter sleeves with a sixties mod turtleneck, this flatteringly fitted top is simple, smart and sophisticated. Sixties Mod chic with delightful ribbed collar, cuffs and hem. An exquisite fitted dimension to create an elegant silhouette. The 'Kyla' Womens Retro Turtleneck Jumper is made from luxurious JOHN SMEDLEY New Zealand Merini Fine Wool.
£117.99, sizes XS - Large. Buy Now

Limited Edtion Ray-Ban Sunglasses Ray-Ban - Limited Edtion 'Peace' Wayfarers
No Summer is complete without your Retro classic Wayfarersfrom Ray-Ban. For 2012 Ray-Ban have created a limited edition 'Summer of Love' collection, here in white with printed 'peace and love' sixties inspired inner design. With an awesome tinted lens to compliment the look, 100% UV protection and the original and iconic G-15 lens. Timeless and iconic and full of Ray-Ban heritage, the 'Wayfarer' has been adopted by a whole host of screen and music legends from Clint Eastwood to Bob Dylan.
£134.99, White. Also available in Black or Red.

Tulle Boogie Down Dress
Tulle - Boogie Down Retro Dress
Tulle have some great Summer frocks in their current collection, so it was very hard to pick just one for this months top picks. 'Boogie Down' is a classic Sixties inspired fit with a Sixties and Seventies look psychedelic multi coloured print. Sleeveless, with a squared neckline and slightly A-line flared skirt, this dress is great for wasting away blissful sunny days. 2 pockets for  all your essentials. Zip fasten on the back.
£49.99, sizes Small - XL Buy now.