Monday, 12 November 2012

'A-Z of Mod' Winner #1

Thanks to everyone who entered our 'A-Z of Mod' competition recently! We have 10 copies of the book to give away so we will be selecting 2 winners a day.

Our first winner in our 'A-Z of Mod' Comp was Callum Jeffrey from Belfast.

Callum's mod inspiration:

"My Mod inspiration was the Nine Below Zero 11+11 performance on the Young Ones t.v series. This was so exciting for me as I was only 11 or
12 . The song really stood out for me and is in my top 10 but the way they are dressed is amazing, they are all wearing sharp clothes, suits and ties etc but the one who stood out the most was the bass guitarist, he was wearing a red shirt, red trousers,black shoes and a grey blazer. My Dad also inspired as he showed me the episode and was a mod. "

Congrats Callum! The book's on the way to you!