Wednesday, 14 November 2012

'A-Z of Mod' Winner #3

Our third winner in the 'A - Z of Mod' competition was Andrew Booth, from W. Yorks. He also sent us a pic of his fantastic E-Type which we are extremely jealous of!

Andrew's mod inspiration:

My MOD inspiration comes from years of dreaming
about '60s style icon, the E-type Jaguar. George Harrison had a record player fitted to his.

This year I realised my dream, and picked up a 1969 series two E-type in British Racing Green.

As you can see from my photo under the Dunlop bridge at Le Mans, my current style is more akin to Martin Freeman's dressing gown in HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy. I'd suggest that I'm one of the most in need of a copy 'The A to Z of MOD.' That and a suitable outfit from AtomRetro.

Congrats Andrew!