Thursday, 15 November 2012

'A-Z of Mod' Winner #5

The 5th winner of our 'A - Z of Mod' competition was Dave Benach, from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Dave's mod inspiration:

As vividly as yesterday, I recall the exact moment.

Rural Southern Holland, 1981. I'm 8 years old, walking my typical w
alk to school. The grassy field, the small supermarket, the squat, depressing concrete blocks where I'll spend yet another 8 boring hours looming up ahead. I'm a good lad - wait for the lights, look both ways, cross the road. But wait... what... WHAT! is that on that junction box?!

Three letters, sprayed cavalierly and so rebelliously... Stark black on anonymous grey, three simple letters, welcoming me into the modern world. Three letters, one word: JAM.

Congrats Dave!