Tuesday, 18 December 2012

New in at Atom Retro - Fab Floral Winklepickers - The Jag Shoes are Back!

New Stock in at Atom Retro....
The Jag's are back....
Always number one on the footwear hit parade - primed for enhancing Mod attire and Retro Clothing, the amazing 'Jag' shoes are back and looking as fab as ever.
In a delectible selection of colours, there's black for the more refined look, blue-purple and vibrant red for those who dig the Psychedelic Sixties style.
From the midst of a smoke filled room, the 'Jag' appears, sharp in every way from Winklepicker toe to the striking laser cut detail - the very essence and epitome of Sixties Mod style. Taking the centre stage and hogging the spotlight, put some Madcap England Jag's on and the world is at your feet. Superb Indie style with an undeniable surge of Retro brilliance. 
As luxurious as the car, the fab Retro Jag shoes feature an awesome Psychedelic laser cut Sixties floral paisley pattern throughout the distinctive suede upper. 
Harbouring a succinct and debonair Dandy Mod flair to enrich the feet of any dapper spirit, the MADCAP ENGLAND 'Jag' shoes are sophisticated, stand out and perfect for all occasions.
Equipped with Retro block heel, slim laces and Sixties Mod Winklepicker toe, the 'Jag' Mens Shoes by Madcap England are finished with a cool and intricate laser cut Psychedelic Sixties floral paisley to liven up the immaculate suede upper.
In three fab colours. Take your pick from Black, Blue-Purple or red.... or all three if you don't want to be without...
Check these fab shoes out.... available online now! ... Exclusive to Atom Retro.                               'Jag' Winklepickers (Black)     'Jag' Winklepickers (Red)      'Jag' Winklepickers (Blue-Purple)