Saturday, 20 July 2013

Baracuta - Synonymous & Antonymous

A short film from Baracuta celebrating the jacket's 2013 relaunch and - well - just how damn good a real Baracuta is! You can't have failed to notice all the fuss about Baracuta this year. Why? Because the jacket is new, improved and better than ever before! If you've worn Baracuta before - check out the new jacket. You won't be disappointed. With upgraded fabrics, better fit and the same classic G9 and G4 specs, this is the best Baracuta Harrington yet. Anyone who tries one on agrees. 

If you're new to Baracuta, then you're in safe hands. Treat yourself to a Baracuta and find out what the original Harrington is. Baracuta's harringtons have been much copied, but Baracuta is the only original Harrington jacket. 

The coming Autumn season colours are already beginning to arrive - the Baracuta G9 Original is available in Oak and the Baracuta G4 Original is available in Oak and Beech.