Sunday, 8 December 2013

Top 10 Retro Christmas Jumpers 2013!

Retro Christmas Jumpers - everyone's Christmas party essential. You know you need to be the one wearing the very best, cleverest, funniest and most unusual Retro Christmas Jumper in the room - well, don't worry - here's a selection of our finest Xmas Jumpers for 2013, and you definitely won't find these everywhere! Remember, most of our Christmas Jumpers are unisex fit - so suitable for guys and gals!

1. Mr Snowy Retro Snowman Christmas Jumper 

Mr Snowy is back for 2013 and still our top Christmassy Jumper! It's a classic.

2. Beam Me Up Pressies Christmas Jumper 

Hot on Mr. Snowy's heels, and nearly taking the prize for the most 'What the..?' Christmas Jumper this year is Beam Me Up Pressies Retro Christmas Jumper. Aliens stealing your Christmas presents? Or are they dropping them back? Only you can decide!

3. Look's Like Reindeer Christmas Jumper 

Another Retro Christmas Jumper classic. Look's Like Reindeer Christmas Jumper is a little more sophisticated, a little bit more smart. Featuring cable knit front and Christmas Reindeers in the snow. Aww.

4. Jurassic Christmas Jumper 

Yes, our Retro Christmas Jumper designers may have gone a little crazy... here's the top 'What the..?' Christmas Jumper for 2013 - Jurassic Christmas! Because dinosaurs celebrated Christmas too... didn't they? Robo T-Rex with a fair isle snowflake pattern. What Christmas is all about!

5. Proper Chopper Christmas Jumper 

What everybody always wanted for Christmas - a proper chopper! Well, we can't promise you the bike of your dreams but here's the Proper Chopper Christmas Jumper. Retro Chopper Bikes with snowy fair isle pattern. Lovely.

6. Does My Asteroid Look Good Retro Christmas Jumper 

We promised you the most unusual Christmas Jumpers on the block, and we haven't let you down! One for the retro gamers, the Does My Asteroid Look Good Christmas Jumpers bring back memories of Christmas Days spent with proper computer game- before your playstations and X-Boxes and Wii's. Shooting Snowflakes, of course.

7. Ska Snowflake Retro Christmas Jumper 

Having a Mod Christmas Party? Then you need a Ska Snowflake Jumper (obv!) Officially licensed and endorsed by John 'Teflon' Sims, the original artist of the 'Nutty Dancer'. Comes with special numbered swing tag and personally signed by 'Teflon' himself! Skank away the night in your Ska Snowflake Jumper!

8. Snow Job Christmas Jumper

Ah, what a pretty Snowflake Fair Isle Christmas Jumper. Black, Red and White all over knit fair isle - almost as beautiful as the freshly fallen snow itself... so we spoiled it by calling it 'Snow Job'! Because what do you have to do when it's snows? A Snow Job of course; shovel it out of your driveway, dig your car out, attempt to get to work in less than four hours - and if it's not all turned to slush, we'll make a snowman later.

9. The Night Before Christmas Jumper 

T'was the Night Before Christmas Jumper... when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse'...
when out of the chimney popped an inebriated reveller, all decked out in a cool Retro Christmas jumper... 

Best worn on Christmas Eve, while eating mince pies, drinking mulled wine, and singing Jingle Bells. 

10. Penguin Party Christmas Jumper 

Can you spot the inebriated penguin? ....
.... Yep, it's the one on the top left.... oh, I see you thought it was the dead one on the bottom row.
Only kidding, that penguin lying face down is the King Party Penguin and he's over done it on the Christmas festivities! 

The Christmas Party never ends around here, not with all these festive Retro Christmas Jumpers! Be sure to  check out all the other Retro Christmas Jumpers in stock now! (Yes, there's more!) 

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