Thursday, 25 July 2013

Here's a sneak preview of Peter Werth's Autumn and Winter 2013 collection - not just an ordinary fashion show!

Peter Werth's AW13 collection is in collaboration with Nutters of Savile Row and is all about Northern Soul. Each piece (well, nearly each piece) has been designed with Keeping The Faith and Northern Soul dance floors in mind! Look out for it arriving soon at Atom Retro with fantastic jackets, blazers, and shirts - but it's really the knitwear where it comes into its own. Watch this space for an update later in the season, but take it from us, it's gonna be something special.

Nutters of Savile Row was founded by designer, Tommy Nutter, as 'House of Nutter'. Tommy Nutter experimented and pushed the boundaries of men's tailoring to the extreme. Savile Row had never seen anything like it when it opened at 35A Savile Row in 1969. Backed by Cilla Black and Peter Brown of Apple, icons like The Beatles could often be seen sporting a Nutter suit in the late sixties and early seventies.

But we digress... Peter Werth's new season is all about keeping the faith and listening to the memories. Won't you look good on the dancefloor?

It's never over for Peter Werth.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

A short film from Baracuta celebrating the jacket's 2013 relaunch and - well - just how damn good a real Baracuta is! You can't have failed to notice all the fuss about Baracuta this year. Why? Because the jacket is new, improved and better than ever before! If you've worn Baracuta before - check out the new jacket. You won't be disappointed. With upgraded fabrics, better fit and the same classic G9 and G4 specs, this is the best Baracuta Harrington yet. Anyone who tries one on agrees. 

If you're new to Baracuta, then you're in safe hands. Treat yourself to a Baracuta and find out what the original Harrington is. Baracuta's harringtons have been much copied, but Baracuta is the only original Harrington jacket. 

The coming Autumn season colours are already beginning to arrive - the Baracuta G9 Original is available in Oak and the Baracuta G4 Original is available in Oak and Beech. 

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Do you love real records? Are you a vinyl enthusiast? Do you get into arguments with all your friends who don't understand that it just sounds better on a real record player?! Then this is for you.

Back in stock, Tuktuk Record Storage/Carry boxes - now in both 45rpm and 33rpm sizes, and available in blue, black, yellow or orange. Last year we had a handful of these, and they flew out, so it you fancy one, don't hang around! Outer is 100% leather, with each lined in a unique 100% cotton check or patterned lining. Each box will hold approximately 60 records (7" in the 45rpm box and 12" in the 33rpm). Each box is clasp fasten with 2 press stud side tabs (you don't want your records spilling out everywhere when you're on your way to your next DJ set!) and feature hand stitched corners for extra durability.

At £54.99 for the 45rpm and £68.99 for the 33rpm size, these pretty boxes ain't cheap, but we feel you really get what you pay for. If you love your record collection as much as you love your music, then treat yourself to one or two of these. Just think how good they'll look next to your turntables!

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