Thursday, 19 December 2013

Issue 2 of Up&Atom is out now! Free with every order! *
Up&Atom is the new house magazine for Atom Retro - featuring all our news, events and special offers - plus a few tasty articles from the world of Atom Retro too! The new issue is a bumper edition, twice the size of issue 1! The new issue features - 

  • Dedicated Followers Of Fashion: Interview with Carnaby Street's Lord John, Warren Gold
  • Copa Football arrives at Atom Retro
  • Picking the perfect Parka - we've got loads!
  • The Knack and How To Get It: Interview with Gibson London's Simon Parr.
  • John Smedley key fashion pieces.
  • A Rather Retro Affair: Pics from the Ace Retro photo shoot and interview with Tinite Photography's Jacob Sacks-Jones.
  • A Pint With... Kevin Stone has a swift half with author, Mark Baxter
  • A Tale of Two Troubadours: Interview with Darron and Joel from The Last Of The Troubadours.
  • Beatlemania! Interview with Beatles tribute band, The Fab Four's Gavin Pring.
  • Best Foot Forward: Interview with Delicious Junction's Pete Challis.
  • Brand previews of Marmalade Dresses and Peckham Rye.
Want to  get your mitts on a copy? Simply place an order at! Up&Atom is free with all orders of clothing and/or shoes, until stocks run out. (Some of the articles will also be featured on the Up&Atom blog - right here!)

* Orders of clothing/shoes. While stocks last. 

Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Christmas Juke Box is rockin' at Atom Retro!  We love all the ol' faves, of course; Slade, Wizzard, Wham and Mud, right through to Brenda Lee's Rockin' Christmas Tree and Bing's White Christmas... but we also love to discover a rare festive hit, a Christmas Song that you won't hear blaring inside every shop or supermarket this Christmas season - so here's our 2013 top ten less heard Christmas Songs!

1. Father Christmas - The Kinks

Released: 1977

An anti-commercial Christmas hit which tells the story of a Father Christmas mugged by kids who'd rather have the money than the toys.

Sing-a-long bit: "Father christmas, give us some money! Don't mess around with those silly toys! We'll beat you up if you don't hand it over, We want your bread so don't make us annoyed!"

2. Back Door Santa - Clarence Carter

Released: 1968

A bluesy rock 'n' roll Christmas song, full of festive double entendre!

Sing-a-long bit: "They call me Back Door Santa, I make my runs about the break of day, I make all the little girls happy, While the boys are out to play."

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Retro Christmas Jumpers - everyone's Christmas party essential. You know you need to be the one wearing the very best, cleverest, funniest and most unusual Retro Christmas Jumper in the room - well, don't worry - here's a selection of our finest Xmas Jumpers for 2013, and you definitely won't find these everywhere! Remember, most of our Christmas Jumpers are unisex fit - so suitable for guys and gals!

1. Mr Snowy Retro Snowman Christmas Jumper 

Mr Snowy is back for 2013 and still our top Christmassy Jumper! It's a classic.

2. Beam Me Up Pressies Christmas Jumper 

Hot on Mr. Snowy's heels, and nearly taking the prize for the most 'What the..?' Christmas Jumper this year is Beam Me Up Pressies Retro Christmas Jumper. Aliens stealing your Christmas presents? Or are they dropping them back? Only you can decide!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

“In 1950 out of sheer necessity, my late husband Mr Harold Morris and myself went into business as Industrial Clothing Specialists...”

And so began the Gloverall story. Originally making boiler suits, overalls and warehouse coats, Gloverall was approached by the Ministry of Defence at the end of the Korean war to dispose of some surplus duffle coats. When this supply ran out, it was clear the demand was still there - and the Gloverall Duffle coat was born!

From a factory behind St Paul's Cathedral Harold and Freda Morris with the help of Harold's Father, a master tailor began to work their duffle coat-ey magic. Picked up quickly, the Gloverall Duffle coat became a symbol of ‘social renegades’ in the 50s and 60s. The coat was worn by film and TV icons from Bing Crosby and Perry Como through to John Wayne and Dudley Moore.

Perhaps the most famous Duffle Coat of all is The Monty (Called ‘The Freda’ for women), named after one of the most iconic Duffle coat wearer, Field-Marshal Bernard L. Montgomery.

For Winter 2013, the mens Mid Monty will be available in new colour way, burgundy (pictured below) and traditional beige. This made in England duffle coat is a mid length version of the original wartime coat, featuring Varnished wood toggles & jute rope fastening, fixed shoulder ‘cape’ detail for extra strength and warmth and usually made in boiled wool mix, so perfect for winter.

Also coming for the boys are a new short, waist length Gloverall Monty Duffle Coat in Navy, a new colour in the Gloverall Reefer coat, Khaki and a rather special Gloverall unlined Chesterfield three quarter length coat in grey herringbone - look out for that one!

In the womens range, featured new styles include a Gloverall Shawl Collar Swing Coat (pictured above) in Navy/Burgundy and a Sherpa Monty Duffle Coat in boiled wool in Earth Brown.

View the complete Gloverall range at Atom Retro here:

Mens -

Womens -