Sunday, 16 March 2014

GQ Magazine - David Bailey’s Heroes

Some good light reading comes in the form go GQ’s new Collectors Edition magazines: Bailey’s Heroes.

The March 2014 issue sees Bailey reflect on time spent with John Lennon. He discusses the sense of tension between John and Paul during a legendary Bailey photo shoot, his lukewarm feelings to early Beatles music and seeing John at London’s fashionable Ad Lib Club.

"I didn't like the Beatles - I liked John. The Beatles were a boy band. I thought they were square as houses…"

Also featured in the issue, Yoko Ono tells a very unique apple story and it’s nothing to do with their famed Apple Corps…

"One of my strongest memories of John was the first time he made me laugh. He just grabbed an apple that was in my exhibition [in 1966, at London's Indica Gallery, Ono showed her avant-garde work which contained an apple on sale for £200] took a bite out of it and just looked at me. I was very, very upset because it was my work. I thought, How dare he, what a rude person! And I just looked at him and he could see that I didn't like it and he registered this and did a shy little smile and put it back on the pedestal”

You can just about picture the scene!

So, if you fancy a good read, check out Bailey’s Heroes in the March 2014 edition of GQ magazine.