Sunday, 6 April 2014

Atom's Juke Box: What's That Song? (Adverts edition)

How often do you hear a snippet of a song on an advert - a great tune, but what is it? The ad's gone before you can say Shazam! Here's some of of our fave tunes on TV ads currently.

1. Nissan Note Advert - 'The Ghost Train' 

Features: Evil Eye by Franz Ferdinand  
Originally Released: 2013  
Find it: On Franz Ferdinand's album 'Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action'

The Advertising Standards Authority received 2 complaints about Nissan's use of Franz Ferdinand's 'Evil Eye' which contains the swear words 'Bastard' and 'Shit'. The complaints were quashed when Nissan pointed out they'd paid for a special 'clean' version of the song, replacing the words with 'basket' and 'schtick'. 'Evil Eye' was an overlooked single of 2013, which undeservedly failed to chart in the UK. One of the best indie rock songs of recent times in our book!  

Sing-a-long bit: "What's the colour of the next car? Red, yer... um basket, red yer basket..."

2. Southern Comfort Advert - 'Whatever's Comfortable'

Features: Hit Or Miss by Odetta  
Originally Released:1970  
Find it: Bit hard to find this version. YouTube has some uploads, or iTunes has a live version available as a download.

Odetta is often referred to as 'The Voice of the Civil Rights Movement.' She was a folk and blues singer, songwriter, actress and activist who was an influence on Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin and Barry Belafonte among others. Hit Or Miss originally appeared on the 1970 album 'Odetta Sings' which is currently out of print.  

Sing-a-long bit: "Can't you see? I gotta be me. Ain't nobody just like this. I gotta be me, baby, hit or miss."


3. Asda Advert - 'Make Way for George at Home'

Features: Ca Plane Pour Moi by Plastic Bertrand  
Originally Released:1977
Find it: Available as a download single or on 'Greatest Hits' album.

'Ca Plane Pour Moi' roughly translates as 'everything is going well for me' (literally: 'It's gliding for me') and was a 1977 'parody' punk and new wave song by Belgian singer, Plastic Bertrand (although the vocals are actually sung by the records producer, Lou Deprijck). Nonsensical French lyrics and a feel good Rock and Roll style tune, 'Ca Plane Pour Moi' was a smash hit across serveral European countries. (It reached number 8 in the UK). 

Sing-a-long bit: "Ca plane pour moi! Ca plane pour moi! Woo-ooo-ooo-ooou!"

4. Guinness Advert - 'Sapeurs'

Features: What Makes A Good Man by The Heavy 

Originally Released: 2012
Find it: On The Heavy's album, 'The Glorious Dead'

Indie Rock and Funk band, The Heavy, come from Bath, England - although they don't really sound like it! 'What Makes A Good Man' was featured on their third ablum, 'The Glorious Dead'. Their music is often used on adverts, TV programs and films (most recently this song was also used on the Dallas Buyers Club film trailer) but this band definitely deserves a bigger following.

Sing-a-long bit: "Tell me now (tell me now), and show me how (show me how) to understand (understand) what makes a good man?" (Note: must be sung while pogo-ing up and down on the spot).

5. Blackberry Advert - 'Keep Moving'

Features: Elephant by Tame Impala 

Originally Released: 2012
Find it: On the album, 'Lonerism'.

Fantastic bluesy-rock sounding song from Australian band, Tame Impala, which scandalously only made it to 131 in the UK charts. This catchy, thumping song should have been an instant hit.

Sing-a-long bit: "He pulled the mirrors off his Cadillac, cos he doesn't like looking like he looks back..."

6. Honda Ridgeline Advert 

Features: Down Home Girl by Nic Armstrong 

Originally Released: 2005
Find it: On the album, 'Greatest White Liar'.

Atom Retro fave Nic Armstrong here, with a cover of blues song, Down Home Girl which can be found on the album Greatest White Liar. If you only listen to one of the songs/albums on this list - make it this one! Fans of Nic Armstrong should look out for more about him in the upcoming third issue of Up&Atom (coming soon!)

Sing-a-long bit: "I'm gonna take you to the muddy river and push you right on in!"