Thursday, 17 April 2014

Preview: Marmalade's new collection for Summer 2014

Get a sneak peak at Marmalade's spring/summer 2014 coming soon to Atom Retro!

Marmalade is definitely one of the front runners for the best sixties and mod dresses, the latest pieces are certainly not ones to disappoint! The new collection brings a fresh look on different shapes and styles of dress but keeps it's ever unique,vogue feel about it.The use of clean whites contrasting with vivid pop art colours definitely comes across as a strong theme for the collection, as well as simple cute touches which makes them perfect for many occasions day or night this spring and summer!  

Firstly, a very sixties inspired A-line dress, a classic from Marmalade however with a different take for the spring/summer collection with the use of colour. Bright white being the main colour with mint green contrasting it on the top of the dress, complimented by a V neckline, and across the bottom too. The dress also uses a vintage style zip pocket which makes it ooze in cuteness.Perfect for any kind of occasion this Spring/Summer!

The collection now also offers matching fitted coats to some of  its dresses, this coat follows the same use of clean white and mint green colours and zippered pockets to match the dress above. Marmalade uses a very elegant shape for the coat which means you can still have a chance to wear your new dress without hiding it under an old coat if the weather is a little colder! 

Marmalade bring out another 'Gangster' dress and tie style piece, similar to the 'Sabrina Fair' dress on Atom Retro from Autumn/Winter 2010. Using influences from the sixties but also considering more modern fashions in the 'boyish' style of the piece, not only will it look great but feel comfortable too being made from cotton and spandex. The black on white on black makes it  a very bold, daring piece guaranteed to turn heads!

Another stunning dress from Marmalades latest collection, this space-age dress has it all! The bright colours are perfect for the season, the block pattern gives it the sixties feel and the button detailing makes it another cute piece. The sleeveless design is very flattering of the pattern of the dress and makes it ideal for a sunny day this summer!

'Work or Play' was one of the highlights from last seasons, autumn/winter 2013 collection, Marmalade have released another updated dress similar to this, however this seasons dress flaunts a more sleek silhouette shape. It also comes with a slim white belt to the waist which most certainly flatter the figure. The dress also has a much bolder nautical theme to it with additional buttons it uses to the chest of the piece, and also its navy and white colouring. A cute bow flatters the collared top of the dress and makes a timeless piece which will make it a very worth while purchasing this season.

 With a new scalloped collar and sleek silhouette shape,this dress is one to have this spring/summer.It also fashions a small pink bow and cap sleeves which compliment the collar and again makes it very cute. Also another comfortable piece with a touch of spandex for stretch to make a dress you will feel and look good in.

Look out for an exclusive interview with Marmalade's designer, Magdalena Sokolowka in the next issue of Up&Atom Magazine (out soon!) 

Check out the latest Marmalade collection online here.