Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Controversial Bowl Line Technology Used in the Latest Harry Predicts Sequence!

The latest news from the Atom Retro World Cup Team.

Harry Predicts - Spain v Chile. Match kicks off 8pm BST, 18th June, 2014.  

Fresh from predicting the England v Italy result correctly and the U-turn on the decision to call it a draw in the Brazil v Croatia fixture, Harry looks to keep his 100% record in tact with his latest hunch as Spain take on Chile on Wednesday. A crucial encounter that Spain desperately need to win. Who will Harry predict?

(Picture: Harry Cat studies his complex algorithm, just one of his essential prediction tools.)

Using controversial Bowl Line Technology and slow motion instant replays to ensure there's no repeat of the confusion that surrounded the Brazil v Croatia prediction debacle, the 'Harry predicts' team have unashamedly embraced the hi-tech era of football.

Once again, it's a food based escapade, but this time with an expanded set of rules to benefit both the adjudicators and Harry Cat. The bowl that Harry chooses and eats from first will be the winner.

... and so to the game!

For no reason whatsoever, the mysterious, vanishing shaving foam is used to draw a line around Harry's starting position.

The bowls are put in place..... and we are all set for another episode of 'Harry Predicts'

So here goes, let's view the film!

'Harry Predicts' Spain v Chile.

So, there you have it. Harry has made his prediction. Let's wait and see if he's right. We can hardly contain our excitement!