Sunday, 15 June 2014

News Flash: "Harry Predicts' World Cup Results Investigation Opened & Quickly Closed!

News Flash:

Here follows a news bulletin into allegations of widespread corruption in the Harry Predicts World Cup Feature.

An apology to Harry Cat from Atom Retro!


(Picture: An angry Harry Cat when first told of the adjudicators decision to call a draw.)

Those of you following Harry Cats World Cup predictions will be aware of the result given/published for the opening game of the tournament as hosts Brazil took on Croatia. The prediction was aired on the 12th June prior to the game and alluded to the fact Harry predicted a draw.

However, an internal investigation has since taken place into the conduct of several of Atom Retro’s independent adjudicators following the outcome of the match. It has been alleged that biased editing of the footage occurred, thus detrimentally altering the result of Harry Cat’s prediction. We can now confirm that following this investigation, we have accepted the resignation of one such adjudicator and another member of the panel has been banned from the football predicting adjudicating circuit for a period of 90 days.

The snap shots below show the key scenes. It is the existence of this footage that formed the foundation of Harry Cat's claim.

 Picture 1: Harry eats the Brazil Treats. Picture 2: The result is clearly called as Brazil.

With this news, we are glad to announce that Harry’s original prediction of Brazil to win shall stand, thus giving him a 100% record for his tournament predictions so far.

Harry’s official complaint centred around the claim that the rules of the game were not properly explained and the adjudicators used inappropriate tactics to undermine the original prediction. Harry assumed that the treats that he ate first would determine the result and the fact he went on to eat any other treats was irrelevant to the outcome of his prediction. Had this been fully explained in the guidelines he would not have eaten any additional sweeties.

A spokesperson for Harry said - “We are satisfied with the outcome of this internal investigation and welcome it’s findings. Harry is proud of his prediction record and is happy to draw a line under this matter. He will continue to predict the results as the tournament goes on”

Harry has refused to comment further on speculation that the results were rigged to benefit certain individuals in an as yet unnamed  syndi-cat who had managed to infiltrate the Atom Retro adjudicator panel.

We will keep you posted as and when any news on the identity of the mystery Syndi-Cat comes to light.

You can follow the predictions of Atom Retro's Harry Cat on the Atom Retro Facebook page and Youtube Channel.