Friday, 5 September 2014

Coming Soon - Designer Duchess

 Coming soon to Atom Retro - Designer Duchess Faux Fur coats.

These fabulous coats have a supremely vintage 50s and 60s vibe - and all in soft and lovely faux fur. A relatively new brand, Designer Duchess was founded with the mission in mind to limit the use of real animal fur in fashion. Designer Duchess say, 'At Designer Duchess we believe that that the killing of animals for fashion is not only unethical but also devastating.... We do everything in our power to raise awareness and support the people and the foundations that fight to stop this from happening. We hope by raising awareness that people stop purchasing fashion items made with real fur.'

Designer Duchess will arrive at Atom Retro this autumn. Each beautiful faux fur coat will come with its own unique packing bag and coat brush, so you can keep your coat looking spruce and lovely.

 Styles include The Indiana Coat with 3/4 length sleeve (pictured above) in Foxy Brown. See below for more...

EDIT: Shop for Designer Duchess here! 

The Dallas Bomber jacket will be available in this gorgeous silver-violet colour in the shorter collared jacket.

The Texas Vest style is a modern twist on the tradtional vintage fur coat. Available in black, this neat little waistcoat style vest is great for wearing with jeans.

You can have a fur coat range without a proper, full on 1940s Vintage Silver Screen long fur coat - and The Alaska style in black is the one for this season! This beautiful long fur coat looks fabulous dressed up or adds a touch of glamour to everyday!