Thursday, 17 April 2014

Get a sneak peak at Marmalade's spring/summer 2014 coming soon to Atom Retro!

Marmalade is definitely one of the front runners for the best sixties and mod dresses, the latest pieces are certainly not ones to disappoint! The new collection brings a fresh look on different shapes and styles of dress but keeps it's ever unique,vogue feel about it.The use of clean whites contrasting with vivid pop art colours definitely comes across as a strong theme for the collection, as well as simple cute touches which makes them perfect for many occasions day or night this spring and summer!  

Firstly, a very sixties inspired A-line dress, a classic from Marmalade however with a different take for the spring/summer collection with the use of colour. Bright white being the main colour with mint green contrasting it on the top of the dress, complimented by a V neckline, and across the bottom too. The dress also uses a vintage style zip pocket which makes it ooze in cuteness.Perfect for any kind of occasion this Spring/Summer!

Friday, 11 April 2014

It’s 20 years since the advent of Britpop. The all too familiar sound of the legendary Supersonic guitar riff blazing out of the stereo - released on this day in 1994. Atom Retro reflect on this era of music and it’s profound affect on society, fashion and style.

Forget the Blair-ite Cool Brittania crap that followed shortly after and all too often gets banged in with the Britpop boom, this was about music and the dawning of a new era in style not politics. The lynchpin of the movement being Oasis and the sheer Indie swagger of the lads from Manchester. Mod parkas, desert boots and the iconic Union Jack guitar. The rivalry with fellow Britpop legends Blur who I fondly think of in Retro track tops, Mod Harringtons and cool Indie trainers made the Britpop bang even louder and with everyone’s favourite Common People, Pulp revitalising the trend for skinny Mod blazers, tweeds and fab Seventies shirts, this was bound to be an unforgettable era in British music history.

It was a time where gigs, beer and amazing records flowed freely. A feel good factor gripped the nation. Let’s join together and remember this great time.

Who was your favourite Britpop era band/artist? What was your favourite gig?

Share your stories with us!

In the mean time here’s a jukebox of some of our favourite Britpop tracks from 1994.

1. Supersonic - Oasis 
Released: 11th April 1994

Released on the 11th April, 1994 this was Oasis' debut single. Peaking at the time at only 31 in the UK singles charts, the sales for Supersonic have since topped 215,000 making it Oasis' 13th biggest ever selling single, outselling number 1's The Hindu Times, Lyla and The Importance of Being Idle.
Sing-a-long bit: "I need to be myself, I can be no one else..." (Although, basically the whole song should be sung along to at high volume).

Sunday, 6 April 2014

How often do you hear a snippet of a song on an advert - a great tune, but what is it? The ad's gone before you can say Shazam! Here's some of of our fave tunes on TV ads currently.

1. Nissan Note Advert - 'The Ghost Train' 

Features: Evil Eye by Franz Ferdinand  
Originally Released: 2013  
Find it: On Franz Ferdinand's album 'Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action'

The Advertising Standards Authority received 2 complaints about Nissan's use of Franz Ferdinand's 'Evil Eye' which contains the swear words 'Bastard' and 'Shit'. The complaints were quashed when Nissan pointed out they'd paid for a special 'clean' version of the song, replacing the words with 'basket' and 'schtick'. 'Evil Eye' was an overlooked single of 2013, which undeservedly failed to chart in the UK. One of the best indie rock songs of recent times in our book!  

Sing-a-long bit: "What's the colour of the next car? Red, yer... um basket, red yer basket..."

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The new Man From U.N.C.L.E remake, directed by Guy Richie, has just announced it will be released in January 2015. More exciting for us at Atom Retro are the promo shots from the set showing star Armie Hammer (who plays Illya Kuryakin) wearing a Baracuta jacket on the back of a Vespa - because Atom Retro supplied a few of the Baracuta jackets used in the film!

The new film is a remake of the 1960s TV show of the same name. Most of the plot details seem to top secret currently, but it appears the new film is set in the Sixties and in the hands of Guy Richie its surely bound to be a slick, stylised affair. The film also stars Henry Cavill as Napoleon Solo, Hugh Grant and David Beckham is also rumored to appear!

The film looks like it also features some rather sharp tailoring, as you can see from the pictures on the official facebook page

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