Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Goldhawk Mod Regatta Stripe Boating Blazer by Madcap England is sure to add a touch of style to any Retro Clothing collection. You can buy the jacket online at Atom Retro.

Following on from other Boating Blazer designs within the Madcap England range, Goldhawk is perhaps a slightly more conservative piece. A garment that features a monotone fine textured stripe throughout as opposed to the slightly more extrovert multi stripe combinations in it's predecessors make up.

Make no mistake though, Goldhawk is still an undoubtedly stand out blazer. The backdrop of dark navy blue is accentuated by a cool Retro burgundy stripe detail that is intersected by fine diagonal navy lines. 

Madcap England embrace their classic Mod cut and incorporate slim Retro notch lapels, 3 button fastening and right side ticket pocket. Finished with centre vent to reverse, non- working button cuffs and classic tonal burgundy lining. 

The Goldhawk Regatta Stripe Boating Blazer adds an impeccable edge to smart and sophisticated attire, but also works great as a more casual piece. Pair it with white stay press trousers, Chelsea Boots, neat button down shirt and a cool pair of Ray-Ban shades for an ultra-stylish ensemble.

The Goldhawk Boating Blazer from Madcap England is now online at Atom Retro, priced at £99.99 and available in sizes 36"-46" chest.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Time for the lowdown on this Seasons key festival trends as we look into festival must-haves for 2014.

Fashion and music are two of our fave entities. Bang them together and you've pretty much got festival season! Here's a few insights into what's been selling well in store at Atom Retro and styles we know are going to be hot looks for Festival Goers!

For the ladies the mini dress is a must. Fab floral and vintage patterned prints are going down really well and we’ve seen a real resurgence in the demand for Retro skater skirts this season. They look strangely great with wellies and let’s face it if you’re going to a UK festival, there’s a good chance you’ll need some wet weather attire. Lovestruck skater dresses (see Lucy dress below)  have done really well and the Florra, Pepe Jeans Boho vintage inspired shirt dress is another cute Retro piece.

Lovestruck Lucy Retro Floral Skater DressPepe Jeans Florra Boho Shirt Dress

… Which is why it’s also good to take a lightweight shower proof jacket and the great thing is pairing a cool Retro anorak with your festival attire is always a cool Indie look. If you want to go for a stylish Mod look then you could always opt for a lightweight parka. A traditional choice for 1960s Mods - parka's protect suits from oily scooters, and they could also protect your threads from festival mud and dirt! In terms of men's jackets we've seriously sold a shed load of Fly53 Burton Parkas and Zarco Nylon Jackets. We know this is going to be a killer look for the festival season.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The latest news from the Atom Retro World Cup Team.

Harry Predicts - Spain v Chile. Match kicks off 8pm BST, 18th June, 2014.  

Fresh from predicting the England v Italy result correctly and the U-turn on the decision to call it a draw in the Brazil v Croatia fixture, Harry looks to keep his 100% record in tact with his latest hunch as Spain take on Chile on Wednesday. A crucial encounter that Spain desperately need to win. Who will Harry predict?

(Picture: Harry Cat studies his complex algorithm, just one of his essential prediction tools.)

Using controversial Bowl Line Technology and slow motion instant replays to ensure there's no repeat of the confusion that surrounded the Brazil v Croatia prediction debacle, the 'Harry predicts' team have unashamedly embraced the hi-tech era of football.

Once again, it's a food based escapade, but this time with an expanded set of rules to benefit both the adjudicators and Harry Cat. The bowl that Harry chooses and eats from first will be the winner.

... and so to the game!

For no reason whatsoever, the mysterious, vanishing shaving foam is used to draw a line around Harry's starting position.

The bowls are put in place..... and we are all set for another episode of 'Harry Predicts'

So here goes, let's view the film!

'Harry Predicts' Spain v Chile.

So, there you have it. Harry has made his prediction. Let's wait and see if he's right. We can hardly contain our excitement!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

News Flash:

Here follows a news bulletin into allegations of widespread corruption in the Harry Predicts World Cup Feature.

An apology to Harry Cat from Atom Retro!


(Picture: An angry Harry Cat when first told of the adjudicators decision to call a draw.)

Those of you following Harry Cats World Cup predictions will be aware of the result given/published for the opening game of the tournament as hosts Brazil took on Croatia. The prediction was aired on the 12th June prior to the game and alluded to the fact Harry predicted a draw.

However, an internal investigation has since taken place into the conduct of several of Atom Retro’s independent adjudicators following the outcome of the match. It has been alleged that biased editing of the footage occurred, thus detrimentally altering the result of Harry Cat’s prediction. We can now confirm that following this investigation, we have accepted the resignation of one such adjudicator and another member of the panel has been banned from the football predicting adjudicating circuit for a period of 90 days.

The snap shots below show the key scenes. It is the existence of this footage that formed the foundation of Harry Cat's claim.

 Picture 1: Harry eats the Brazil Treats. Picture 2: The result is clearly called as Brazil.

With this news, we are glad to announce that Harry’s original prediction of Brazil to win shall stand, thus giving him a 100% record for his tournament predictions so far.

Harry’s official complaint centred around the claim that the rules of the game were not properly explained and the adjudicators used inappropriate tactics to undermine the original prediction. Harry assumed that the treats that he ate first would determine the result and the fact he went on to eat any other treats was irrelevant to the outcome of his prediction. Had this been fully explained in the guidelines he would not have eaten any additional sweeties.

A spokesperson for Harry said - “We are satisfied with the outcome of this internal investigation and welcome it’s findings. Harry is proud of his prediction record and is happy to draw a line under this matter. He will continue to predict the results as the tournament goes on”

Harry has refused to comment further on speculation that the results were rigged to benefit certain individuals in an as yet unnamed  syndi-cat who had managed to infiltrate the Atom Retro adjudicator panel.

We will keep you posted as and when any news on the identity of the mystery Syndi-Cat comes to light.

You can follow the predictions of Atom Retro's Harry Cat on the Atom Retro Facebook page and Youtube Channel.

Friday, 13 June 2014

 (Picture: Harry looks dejected as he contemplates his poor prediction record. What's that you called the referee Harry?)

Atom Retro’s black and white cat Harry has taken it upon himself to be the World’s foremost feline football predictor and statistician…. And as he’s quick to point out, he’s got a 33.3% chance of being right!

Harry Cat, who takes his name from Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry woke up one morning this week and asked himself one question: Do I feel lucky?

He decided the only reasonable way to find this out would be to predict the scores during the World Cup in Brazil. You can find out just how lucky Harry is by keeping tabs on his video diary.

Harry predicted a draw in the first game (Brazil v Croatia), but was left feeling dismayed by a poor refereeing decision and has vowed to carry on testing his luck. As Alister Poulton, a leading proponent of Harry Cat’s premonition skills says, “He was left devastated after Thursday's result, he went out and didn’t come back until the next morning. He was feeling a bit sorry for himself. He feels the penalty changed the whole complexion of the game and he was also a little disappointed at the disallowed Croatia goal. He says that goal would have stood in the Sunday League.”

So, how did Harry predict Thursday's scoreline for the tournament opener?

As Alister says, "He basically used his hungry belly as a mathematical instrument to weigh up the odds. He initially went for Brazil, which in itself was actually correct, but I think the nerves and his little tummy got the better of him and he went and devoured the Croatia treats as well. Unfortunately, because of his slightly greedy actions the independent adjudicator stepped in and called it a draw... and we also ran out of time to film the whole thing again, so the prediction stuck!”

With hindsight, Harry has come to realise using food as a barometer and predictive tool is not the best option. He’s got something else up his furry sleeve for his next foray into foretelling football results.

Stay tuned for the next chapter of Harry predicts, where he will use his mystical  powers to predict the scoreline of Saturdays match between England and Italy.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Atom Retro World Cup Competition

Back of the net! Win big with the Atom Retro World Cup 2014 competition.

We’re getting in the spirit of the World Cup with a fab big prize give away. Enter our competition for a chance to win £200 Atom Retro vouchers! There's runner up prizes too.

How to play: Simply choose the 2 teams from each group you think will go through to the next stage of the World Cup - (tick 2 per group on our simple form) then fill in your name and email address below and click 'Submit'. Then sit back and enjoy the World Cup!

After you’ve entered the fun doesn’t stop there! There’s even a cheeky discount code for use on your next Atom Retro purchase.

So, that’s a quick one two between the competition and discount page, sprint through, look up and pick out your fave items… then straight through to checkout! Score some great gear for the weekend! Result!

Go on, have a go!

… and then wait for the next round of fun!

*The World Cup kicks off 12th June, 2014 with host Brazil taking on Croatia.