Friday, 29 May 2015

The History Of The Polka Dot Trend

The Polka Dot trend on clothing started in the late nineteenth century, it has been popular throughout time, however it is seen to be cropping back up recently, a lot more within the fashion industry. Polka dot clothing is exploding back up onto the fashion scene!

In 1965 Bob Dylan wore a large print green polka dot shirt in the photo on the cover of his single 'Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues', this blew up the polka dot trend massively and caused more and more people to purchase and wear polka dot clothing.

Other famous artists can still be seen to wear the iconic polka dot shirt in present day. For example Miles Kane has sported the polka dot shirt in a black and white theme, this showing that the polka dot trend is still going strong and is still very influential when it comes to giving off bold fashion statements.

Ben Sherman has existed for 5 decades and is still going strong.  The Ben Sherman brand has been embraced by almost every youth culture or style movement for the last 5 decades, these ranging from the mods to the 2 tone and ska, right through to Brit pop. Ben Sherman is still worn in the current period by a vast majority of bands and style leaders and is still seen as a major fashion label within the mod culture.

Ben Sherman has followed in the sixties craze for polka dots, seeing its vastly growing popularity rising they have created some perfectly precise polka dot shirts. An example of these would be the two shirts shows on the right, They are both polka dot themed however both have different colours which could been seen to be worn for different occasions. Both of these shirts seem to be very formal and can give any look a smart finish with a mod and sixties inspired edge. 

The polka dot theme can be clearly seen to be bouncing its way back into the current era, its edgy and popular design has been used on many types of clothing for example; dresses, t-shirts, polo's and shirts etc, Its popularity has risen throughout time and has also been used on accessories for example; phone cases, bags, shoes etc. An increased amount of people have been wearing polka dot themed clothing and the demand for polka dot  themed items is forever increasing within popularity. 

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