Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Lee Jeans - Move Your Lee

This season Lee Jeans are trying to get people to 'Move Your Lee'!  The style and fit of Lee clothes are important but what you do in them is what matters! Everyone has their own way of moving through their unique personal expression. Lee have created such comfortable jeans that whatever your doing you can express yourself. Move Your Lee is a celebration of the movement, style and freedom that lives in every one of us!

Lee's 'Move Your Lee' womens video shows a woman expressing herself using roller skates. This is her way of moving and her personal expression. She is wearing Lee jeans which shows how comfortable they are that she can roller skate but also she feels like wearing Lee clothing it gives her the freedom to express herself in a way she loves.

Lee's 'Move Your Lee ' mens video have styling influences from Northern Soul; which is a music and dance movement which emerged in England in the late 1960s. It combines classic Northern Soul dance moves with new contemporary dance styles to create an overall exciting dance video! They are all wearing Lee jeans and clothing, which shows it is super comfortable to dance in. It also shows that when people wear Lee clothing it gives them the freedom of their personal expression, which for this group of guys is through dance.

Check out the two videos for Move Your Lee:

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