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Monday, 6 July 2015

K-Swiss are a iconic American foot wear company. They design and develop a range of athletic shoes and are very well known for their Tennis Court shoes. They began by creating Tennis shoes for worlds best tennis players in major championships and then moved onto to developing them to be worn casually.

K-Swiss's story all began when K-Swiss was funded by two Swiss brothers in 1966. Art and Ernie Brunner were entrepreneurs who moved to California to start their own footwear company which was a dream they both shared. The two brothers shared a love for skiing and this is where they got their inspiration. Leather skiing boots need to have tight fits that will support aggressive side-to-side movements, conveniently this is what tennis players need also. So they set off on their journey to create the first all-leather tennis shoes.

K-Swiss Classic were the first pair of shoes to be born. They have been successful for nearly 50 years and they have won numerous awards. They have been branded one of the most influential trainers of all time and they have powered some of the worlds best tennis players to major championships.

After making trainers for successful athletes K-Swiss moved on to creating trainers for fashion. Often companies create legendary trainers for sporting reasons and they tend to become a retro fashion statement and are worn casually and K-Swiss are no stranger of this! They have created several shoes that have a contemporary twist on the original court style trainer. These trainers have earned a place as one of the style icons of our generation. Check out a few of K-Swiss trainers that Atom Retro stock.

Belmont T K-Swiss Trainers:

Made out of canvas these trainers are a contemporary take on a classic court trainer. With signature branding and blue colour theme they are a perfect way to add an Indie vibe to any outfit.

Belmont SO K-Swiss Trainers:

Made out of leather these trainers are very alike the traditional tennis court style trainer. However with trainers include navy K-Swiss signature branding that contrasts upon the white leather to give them a fab Indie look.

Hoke K-Swiss Trainers:

Made out of leather these trainers are a very Indie take on the traditional court style trainer. In a black and white colour theme they are a great addition to a casual outfit. 

AdCourt K-Swiss Trainers:

Made out of suede these trainers are a contemporary Indie take on a traditional court trainer. With cushioned inners and suede fabric they make a very comfortable shoe.

K-Swiss can definitely be applauded from taking an idea from a hobby and turning it into a great successful company that have been responsible for helping tennis players win major championships. They still carry on creating trainers till this day but focus more on designing contemporary takes on classic court trainers.

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