Thursday, 17 March 2016

Weekend Offender arrives at Atom Retro

Mod Casuals and Football Terrace inspired lads brand, Weekend Offender is now in stock at Atom Retro.

Founded in 2004 in a small town just outside of Cardiff, Weekend Offender was the brainchild of Sam Jones and Rhydian Powell, who wanted to create a brand celebrating weekends, partying and football. Encorporating homages to Mod Casuals, 60s Mod culture and the Britpop nineties phenomenon, Weekend Offender was born!

This season collection features Happy Mondays inspired Tees, a nod to 90s Acid Rave culture and classic Mod gingham shirts and polos.

Also featured is the ultimate lads Weekender Jacket - the Hemlock Terrace Jacket has a hidden inside pocket containing a toothbrush and toothpaste - just what you need for those Saturday Nights that become Sunday Mornings!

Check below for a preview of the collection, in stock now.

Hemlock Terrace Jacket with Toothbrush!

Sedgewick Jacket

Quincy Gingham Shirt

Rifles T-Shirt

Mad Cyril T-Shirt

Baron Polo

Roscoe Gingham Shirt

Ani Acid House T-Shirt

Misto Casuals Jacket

60 Hours T-Shirt