Friday, 8 April 2016

Baracuta collaborate with Dainese for the Barapel D4 Harrington Jacket

The new Baracuta G4/D4 collaboration with Dainese, world leader in high-tech motorcycle sportswear, (hence the name D4) is now in stock at Atom Retro.

Protective gear for bike riders brand and leaders in dynamic sports technologies, Dainese have lent their expertise in protection to the classic Baracuta G4 Harrington, resulting a unique jacket featuring detachable shoulder and elbow pads hidden inside.

The D4 features inside pockets that allows the insertion of the Pro-Shape, a new generation protections printed on a Fraser tartan, made exclusively for Baracuta by Dainese. The result of all the super tech detailing is one heck of a Mod Scooter Harrington Jacket - The Baracuta G4 - D4 Dainese - Barapel Harrington. Bet Steve McQueen would have loved one of these for jaunts on his many motorcycles!

Limited stock, so don't hang around! Find it here.