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The Beatles Style Guide: Part Four 1964 - 1965

Part four exploring The Beatles style from 1961 to 1970, compiled and written by guest blogger, Harrison. In this installment the Beatles move into military style and also into more casual attire. You can also create your very own Beatles inspired look with this guide.

'64 - '65
The In-betweeners 

The Beatles performing at Shea Stadium, New York.

"It's all sort of important in good ways and it's unimportant really in other ways."
- Ringo Starr

In 1964 through 1965, The Beatles were riding high on a wave of commercial and critical success. The lads performed at Shea Stadium in New York City on August 15th, 1965. In attendance were over 55,000 concertgoers, which made this the Beatles largest concert up to that date. 

A replica of the Beatles "Shea" jacket,
signed by Paul McCartney.
The Beatles continued to wear matching stage suits when they performed. The Shea Stadium suits are arguably their most iconic look from the mid 1960s. The military style single breasted tan coloured jacket with five brown buttons down the front, one smaller button on each chest pocket and also one button on each shoulder. The 'Wells Fargo' sheriff badge is optional. Underneath the jackets, instead of wearing dress shirts, they wore black t-shirts, which matched their black drainpipe trousers and "Beatle boots".  

However, their personal style had evolved and they became more easily identified through their interviews, photoshoots and personal appearances as individuals instead of one entity. Perhaps the best example of their individual style is contained in the second movie they starred in, which was also the first one in colour, Help! A comedy adventure that revolves around Ringo Starr's ring and the mysterious cult that will do anything to obtain it!

The Beatles during the filming of Help!

The lads remained clean shaven but continued to grow out their shaggy mop-tops, past their ears and grew their sideboards longer. They were changing with times and distancing themselves from their earlier clean cut image. Their style and sound was changing and they were entering the experimental stage of their musical careers. 

They began to wear more turtleneck jumpers and t-shirts. The lads embraced jackets with patterns, in suede and denim, and their collared shirts were no longer exclusively standard white. 

John Lennon, 1965.

In 1964 and well into 1965, John Lennon began to wear the peaked fishermen's cap, still referred to as a 'Beatle hat' or 'Lennon cap' today. This peaked hat was similar in style to a bakerboy or newsboy hat, with a peaked front, occasional strap and button feature and a variation of fabrics from corduroy through to leather. The fishermen's cap has become synonymous with John Lennon along with the "granny glasses" he came to wear in the later half of the 1960s.

Get the Look:

The Jacket:

The Madcap England Lennon Shirt-Jacket is aptly named after John Lennon. In the mid 60s, he often wore a jacket similar to this in suede. John and the other Beatles can be seen wearing suede jackets on the cover of the 'Rubber Soul' album.

It's also similar to the army shirts John wore in the early 1970s.

This retro military style corduroy shirt-jacket by Madcap England is single breasted. The front buttons are stylish hidden by the outer placket. The front pockets showcase button flaps and the shoulders button epaulets.

Available dark brown, camel, and navy.

The T-Shirt

The  Madcap England 'Winston' Mod Stripe Grandad Top is a slim fit, short sleeve t-shirt with a henley (grandad) collar, based on a Grandad T-Shirt John Lennon owned in the mid 60s. 

The bold navy, red and white stripes and three button placket give this mod T-shirt classic sixties retro style in Union Jack colours. Also available in long sleeve! 

The Jeans

The 'Draytone' Retro 60s Mod Indigo Drainpipe Jeans are low rise, super skinny jeans reminiscent of the drainies the Beatles wore during the early 60s.

These mod jeans feature simplicity but the classic styling of a belt loop, a single button, zip fly with two pockets on the side and two in the back. The design of these jeans give it a 1960s design and the wearer the illusion of height.

The Beatle Boots

The Outlaw Madcap England Mod Cuban Chelsea Boots are version of the boots made famous by the Beatles and dubbed "Beatle boots". 

The burnished tan brown leather and pointed toe give these boots an undeniably vintage look. The elastic gussets in dark brown offer up a cool contrast to the tan leather and the Cuban heel gives these shoes just a bit of flair. 

The Outlaw Beatle Boots come in brown and black leather and black suede. 

The Beatle Hat

The Beatle Madcap England Retro Cord Lennon Hat is a nod to the many fisherman caps John Lennon wore in the mid 60s.

This corduroy cap with an inset headband, newsboy style crown, and button and strap is a vintage look that invokes sixties nostalgia. 

This cap comes in black, dark brown, and burgundy.

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