Friday, 30 September 2016

Welcome, Sir... have you come in search of Something For The Weekend?

How about Feed The Kid's excellent new single, In The City?! The new single, written and performed by Manchester based indie rock band, Feed The Kid, was released on the 23rd of September (via B33 music) and can be found on iTunes here. The video (above) was filmed by 'Made by Boone.'

Up&Atom caught up with Feed The Kid's frontman, Curtis Taylor for issue 7 of Up&Atom magazine. Here's a quick excerpt from that interview...

Up&Atom - Who are Feed The Kid? What’s the story behind the name?

Curtis Taylor - We are a five piece rock and roll band from Manchester. The full band line-up have been together for a year, but before we set that up, myself and Ciaran were writing a year before that. We are:

Curtis Taylor - Lead Vocals
Ciaran Egan - Lead Guitar
Dane Stubbs - Bass and vocals
Jake Murphy - Guitar
Adam Smith - Drums

The name came about as Adam became a dad very quickly (if you know what I mean..! We are young lads..!) Anyway, Ciaran and I were doing open mics, and we wanted to take it to the next step. Smithy needed a bit of help at the time, so we decided to go with the name, ‘Feed The Kid’, until we became more sturdy, then we’d probably change it. The idea was to get money from gigs which would go directly to Smithy. This didn’t happen - Anyone starting a band to get money, stop now! Needless to say, we never changed the name, as it seemed to gather pace and momentum very quickly.

U&A - You’re the frontman for the band. Every singer should think he’s the best, so who, throughout the whole of rock and roll history, do you think is second best? 

CT - I think you have to believe you are one of the best, and that you have your own style, because you have to stay true to who you are. You don’t want anyone knocking your confidence, changing how you sing or how you move. Look, I’m a singer from Manchester, and we have moved on from Oasis, but no one did it better than them. Rightly or wrongly, they didn’t take shit from anyone. I wouldn’t say I have that attitude, but all the band have that self-belief and the belief that music is all we will be.

Anyway, I wouldn’t say Liam gets in my top five singers. I don’t think he would put himself in the top five singers… Actually, he probably would! I believe a frontman must have a strong voice, but really has to be more than just a singer. I’d struggle to pick a favourite, but people who have influenced me are - Paul Rodgers, Marc Bolan, Roger Daltrey, James Morrison, Robert Plant, Rod Stewart and Freddie Mercury.

I didn’t realise I could sing until quite late in life. Someone said I could, so I gave it a go, and so far, it’s going alright! I don’t know if it’s an innate thing, but I have always had a yearning to create. I didn’t realise what until I was there on stage and I thought, this is me! This is what I’m supposed to be doing! I guess only time will tell if I am right or if we will fall flat on our faces at the first hurdle! But if you don’t believe it yourself, no one else will believe it either.

U&A - How hard do you think it is to make it in the music industry today? 

CT - It’s difficult. Everyone is at it. This is still very new to us, and I guess other people would be able to tell you more, but I can already see it all boils down to attitude. Sometimes, you don’t have to be great for your music to get played. I have seen some bands that have a false belief, others have the base to be great but they have forgotten how to change, how to take criticism and have a bad attitude (they think they’ve made it before they have even strummed a chord), and others should have picked up the guitar and put it back down again.

U&A - You have forged a career that blends music and fashion, which happen to be the two driving forced behind Atom Retro as well. Can you tell us about your sideline career in fashion?

CT - It’s weird, isn’t it? Fashion and music have always worked together. Different genres create different fashions. Even though each one of us believe we are an individual, we often conform to a group when it comes to music. Mods, Rockers, Punks, Hippies. Clothes are a creative response to the environment we are in at the time. We will look back and think what was that century about?! What the f**k is that guy wearing?! I have always worked within the clothing industry and trends come and go. I think trying to put any label on yourself is difficult, because if you are self-aware that you are going for a certain look, it all becomes a bit uncool. I try to be myself, but its an amalgamation of things I have listened to, seen and loved, that have inspired me to be who I am. However, I wouldn’t want to look at a photo of me aged twelve, with curtains, looking like Gary Neville! I don’t know what inspired that look, but I guess I was watching a lot of football, so I guess I subconsciously became a Neville.

U&A - In exactly 98 words, describe your sound! Repetition is frowned upon… 

CT - We have been described as; retro, blues, country, but I guess it’s just rock and roll. I think each band member listens to something different and this filters through. I think for now it’s hard to pinpoint what we are, I hope we are something new! All we can give you are the comparisons we usually get - T-Rex, The Doors, The Verve, early Pearl Jam, Free, Creedence, but my favourite is Oasis, if Noel Gallagher was the front man. I don't think anyone will count every word in this statement, but I guess we shall see.

Thanks to Curtis for this interview! 

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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

A preview of Fever London's Autumn and Winter collection. Travels, architecture and youth nostalgia are central themes this season, and as always, Fever brings a little vintage sparkle to classic, timeless styles and shapes. Workwear, Christmas party occasion wear and retro casual are all catered for in Fever's new collection. 

Each season Fever's designers search the world for vintage and cultural inspiration. This season they take the amazing architecture of Milan, Berlin and Delhi, street scenes and vintage markets and mix with the striking winter landscapes to create a vintage inspired collection with winter glamour.

Pictured left is a real 60s inspired piece - the Lewes Twin Set top and shirt in striking Mod inspired black and white stripes and checks which are almost op-art. This style was inspired by a vintage piece found in a vintage market in Lewes, England. It will be available as a separate top and skirt, but you have to have both, right?!

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